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We ARE Different, but maybe you only know us by a generic persona -
here you will get a glimpse of How different, because
Sometimes just a great commission split by itself isn't enough.
But all offices seem to say the same things, how do you know
if one office or the other will be the best fit for you.
You'll get to see there is a marked Difference when you read on,  and . . .
Just for fun -
Everyone likes a "perk" or some "swag" once in a while. Read on because you will find your "swag" in the body.


New Colors New Logo        But it's about more than just a Logo.

While Century 21 is "rebranding" right now, timing couldn't be more perfect for our new Vision to blossum.
NOT a cosmetic makeover . . .

we sat down and took a real hard look at our traditional real estate office in light of today's digital world and Millenial atitudes.
From the spiffy online world to the nuts and bolts of the real estate industry as it is today

I would like you to take a moment and watch this short video. It is not only inspiring but also tells our story -
where we've been and where we are headed as Change Agents.
We're challenging Sameness because we ARE different... In the best ways.

Watch to the end, it's only 2 minutes, and envision yourself part of this vision, you are.
Together we are making it happen.


We need to have the conversation.

We feel we have come up with a winning formula.  It is a radical change, but wow is it cool.
With ongoing producer charrettes with our agents, we identify together what is working and what could be working better.
We decide on everything together, from marketing plans to budgets to compensation plans.
That's right, Producers have the say that sets the direction of the company.
We believe at Century 21 Nicholson that the person on the front line knows best what is needed on the front line,
and we embed that in our DNA "Agent First".

We really do have the business model crafted for you.
No matter where your experience level finds you

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So what about the licensed agent looking for something "fresh" - because it just isn't working the way it should?...
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Aspiring Agents
a place for Self Starters to Start click here
we'll be holding your hand as long as it's needed

And remember the swag ? You are invited to a Free Lunch.  Along with the swag I'll pick up the tab . . .
Let's have that real estate conversation...

With a shared vision, Agents Rule.Nicole Nicholson, Change Agent
Nicole Nicholson - Career Specialist

Walter Nicholson, CRB Producing agents who affiliate with us during this period of growth are being rewarded with not only a seat at the table, crafting our enhanced policies and procedures but also exceptional commission allocations.   Really Exceptional.
You truly owe it to yourself to sit down with me in a neutral setting and discuss the business of Real Estate.


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