"There are those who accept average, o.k. and just alright.

and there are those that crush mediocroty in everything they do. . ."

Century 21 Nicholson is on a
(isn't everybody?)
We've made it tempting !

You are a steady producer, this page is just for you.

You've Arrived. You are Busy and don't have time to waste, but you did click to this page so indulge me.
The fundamental change we have made might be important to you.
I dont want to hit you with marketing jibberish, so bear with me I only want to get the point across that yes we are at a point in time there is a lot of change in the air.
Did you watch the Tesla get fired into orbit last month? That was no Old School launch, was it? Three rockets – triple barrel launch. But this launch the rockets came back down to Earth in reverse settling back on the launch pad while the Tesla soared off to a Solar Orbit!!!         That's New School !

No pilot did that. Technology perfected, Precision Result.

Things we could only dream about yesterday are a reality today. I'll save the details for that conversation we're going to have. You've heard about retail analytics that predicts what you will buy and when? Have you ever made a sales call and they said "Glad you called. We were just thinking about calling an agent"?
Wouldn't it be great if this was no coincidence? 
Wouldn't it be great if we had that kind of tech in real estate? .
This is what we are talking about.
We Do!

You might be interested in what is happening with the Century 21 Brand, Here is a snapshot. As you watch it remember, we are using the energy of the master re-brand to kickstart our own launch into the Newer Millenium. . . as forward thinkers we are at 2020 as we speak.

To be clear, we are talking about Our Century 21 office in GloucesterTownship.
As you know, each office is Individual.

Today Century 21 is propelling itself to new heights and we are a fully engaged part of that momentum - Additionally we have litterally turned over the basket and dumpted everything onto the table. What if we changed Everything? All so to put all the Now relevant pieces together where they best fit in Today's world.

While we have a traditional commission schedule for newly licensed agents and an agressive escalating schedule for producing agents we are introducing a wonderful CAP program we have adopted for Top Producing agents. I would like to discuss it with any agent wanting to tinker a bit and have it fit excctly the way we mutually feel it should. Our CAP model keeps doing the back office work once you reach your CAP. Even keeps you in the Yard Sign que - free signs, instalation and take downs and all the various items you require so that you can be most productive, including processing . . .
but don't think commission is the name of our game. Commission is only part of the employment package, it's just Schedule A. Once that is out of the way we strive to incorporate into a fun productive environment to comfortably excel together.

Is TEAMs how you rock your game?
Consider rocking your team under our banner.
Take Your Team Into The Stratosphere with our technology and support.
Does your Brokerage support your Team Members?
What does your office do to supply quality leads to your Team?
What does your office do to train your team to close those leads
- or even as an agent you may never have experienced that in an office!
Does your Team feel it is in sync with your Brokerage?
Or do you feel you are marching to the beat of a different drummer . . .
All the more reason to explore the Opportunity at C21Nicholson.

If all this verbaige sounds like hype (it is in writing)
what it really calls for is a conversation that you and I need to have. Because my every thought and action is to put tradition aside  and discover better ways in today's environment - and if you have an opinion, I need to be hearing it. I have a generous budget and it includes a nice casual lunch on me where we do have that conversation. Call me on my mobile, anytime. Let's set the date



Experienced agents looking to up their game know that they need the best CRM.  Ours isn't only great - it coordinates with ZAP. Realogy Bought ZIP LABS, the real incubator. And we have exclusive product, the latest from the source.

We know what you need – and we provide the “factory” expert that will come in and thoroughly set you up in the most advanced turnkey CRM ever devised for Real Estate.

             Company provided of course, like most things here.
Not only can you do it here, you can do it Now, not some year in the future.
Talk with me, it will be worth your time.
Call Walt Nicholson today
on his cell
(856) 979-1999
Everybody has what they consider a competitive compensation plan, don’t they.
You will know who is competitive and who isn’t when we discuss compensation together.
But this alone should not be the deciding factor. The deciding Factor should be an office run exactly as you would want it run. From the Policies and Procedures to the collateral materials to the commitment to the cutting edge in technology and equipment. To the number of appointments delivered to your desk.
Tell me what more we can do – we will find a way or make one.
       And Please remember - it isn't all the verbage -
It's "where do you fit" and where will you be most productive while loving it all the way . . .

“2018 CENTURY 21 Nicholson.  CENTURY 21 and the CENTURY 21 Logo are registered service marks owned by Century 21 Real Estate LLC.  Equal Housing Opportunity.
Each office is independently owned and operated.”